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Concert Previews

Concert Previews

Concert Preview, , Winter Concert,

Concert Preview, , Mendez to Appear at Summer Concert,

Concert Preview, , Mendez Concert Next Sunday,

Concert Preview, , Be Sure to Hear Rafael Mendez,

Concert Preview, , University Concert Band Schedules Annual Fete,

Concert Preview, Chicago Sun-Times, Trumpet Virtuoso,

Concert Preview, Evening Tribune, S.D. Mexican Colony To Hear "El Grito",

Concert Preview, , Top Trumpeter Will Play At State Fair,

Concert Preview, , Tips From A Master,

Concert Preview, , Be Sure To Attend...,

Concert Preview, , Band Rehearsal for Concert,

Concert Preview, , Virtuoso to Perform Today,

Concert Preview, , Mendez Plays Here Tuesday,

Concert Preview, , One of Greatest of Trumpeters to Play With School Band,

Concert Preview, , World Famed Trumpeter To Give Concert Sponsored By,

Concert Preview, Daily Report, Mendez Performs Friday,

Concert Preview, , World-Famed Trumpet Player To Play at Memphis College,

Concert Preview, , Mendez Band, Choir to Be Heard Tonight,

Concert Preview, , Band Features Rafael Mendez,

Concert Preview, , Plays At State Fair,

Concert Preview, , Concert Tonight Ends Philharmonic's Season,

Concert Preview, New Mexican, Band Parents Concert Series Opens With Rafael Mendez,

Concert Preview, , Trumpet Artist To Highlight Band Benefit,

Concert Preview, , Colorful Trumpet Player to Take Part In Chico...,

Concert Preview, , Rafael Mendez Again Honors CHS and Band,

Concert Preview, , Trumpet Player Mendez Due For Shell Concert...,

Concert Preview, Daily News Journal, Appear Tonight At Central High School,

Concert Preview, , Feature Attraction at Chico High Band Concert Tonight,

Concert Preview, , Good Try,

Concert Preview, , Band Goes On Stage,

Concert Preview, , The Burbank Symphony Association,

Concert Preview, , Trumpet Soloist to Play at Shell,

Concert Preview, Honolulu Star - Bulletin, Mexico Trumpet Player Called World's Greatest Here, 1/10/1963

Concert Preview, Ogden Standard-Examiner, Trumpet Artist Accepts Second Engagement, 1/18/1959

Concert Preview, Herald Journal, Artist in Preston Concert Saturday, 1/20/1961

Concert Preview, , Music is Rewarding, Band Seeks to Prove, 1/26/1960

Concert Preview, , Weber Lists Trumpeter, 1/29/1959

Concert Preview, , Weber High School Band Presents..., 1/29/1959

Concert Preview, , Rafael Mendez, Great Trumpet Virtuoso, 1/29/1960

Concert Preview, , Mendez To Play in Oshkosh, 1/30/1960

Concert Preview, , Trumpet Virtuoso To Be Guest Soloist, 1/30/1960

Concert Preview, , Music for Moderns, 1/30/1960

Concert Preview, , Mendez Is Happiest In Work With Youth, 1/30/1960

Concert Preview, , Accent for Concert To Be On Visual Too, 1/30/1960

Concert Preview, Bakersfield Californian, Kern Philharmonic Will Open Season, 10/26/1953

Concert Preview, San Bernadino Daily Sun, Trumpet Virtuoso To Play at Band's Benefit Concert, 11/25/1953

Concert Preview, Edmonton Journal, Musical Welcome, 11/26/1958

Concert Preview, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, For Rafael Mendez, a trumpet is never far away, 11/5/1968

Concert Preview, Aberdeen Daily World, "I Just Blow", Declares Concert Guest Trumpeter, 12/2/1953

Concert Preview, , CHS To Present Fall Concert, Feature Mendez, 12/8/1953

Concert Preview, El Nuevo Mexicano, Mendez Y Su Trompeta, 2/11/1954

Concert Preview, Deseret News, Trumpet Player Scheduled As Soloist at 'U' Concert, 2/17/1952

Concert Preview, , Trumpet King Comes to Weber, 2/19/1958

Concert Preview, , Noted Trumpet Player Coming, 2/19/1958

Concert Preview, Oregonian, Trumpet Ace to Show Art, 2/21/1953

Concert Preview, Kingsville-Bishop Record-News, Rafael Mendez Will Appear Here Thursday, 2/21/1971

Concert Preview, News Tribune, Rafael Shows How It's Done, 2/23/1966

Concert Preview, Huntington Park Daily Signal, Trio of Hot Licks, 2/29/1952

Concert Preview, Tri-City Herald, To Play, 3/10/1954

Concert Preview, Columbia Basin News, "Heifetz of Trumpet" To Perform at Col-Hi, 3/12/1954

Concert Preview, Phoenix Sunpaper Group, Will Appear At North High, 3/12/1960

Concert Preview, Daily Times Herald, Mendez Guest Soloist at SMU Concert Today, 3/15/1953

Concert Preview, Gary Post-Tribune, World-Famed Trumpeter, Mendez To Conduct Band Clinic, 3/19/1961

Concert Preview, News, Trumpet Virtuoso Says Swimming Is Best Exercise..., 3/2/1961

Concert Preview, Arkansas Traveler, Rafael Mendez To Give Concert Tonight At Eight, 3/21/1957

Concert Preview, Paris News, Mendez Festival Is Saturday Event Here, 3/22/1957

Concert Preview, Phoenix Gazette, Virtuoso On Trumpet To Play Herre, 3/30/1960

Concert Preview, Starke County News, Knox To Be Hos To Rafael Mendez, 4/24/1958

Concert Preview, , Concert at College, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , Mendez to Return Here for Spring Concert April 29, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , Mendez to Play Trumpet in High School Concert Tonight, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , Mendez Will Play At Spring Concert, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , CHS Band, Choir To Be Featured With Mendez Trio, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , The Three R's, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, , Mendez to Appear With CSHS Band, 4/29/1955

Concert Preview, Tribune-Democrat, Cool Combo, 4/29/1960

Concert Preview, Milwaukee Journal, Trumpeter-teacher, 4/4/1961

Concert Preview, La Cross Tribune: Showtime, Rafael Mendez Comes For Area Event April 15, 4/7/1962

Concert Preview, , Bandmen Here For F&M Event, 5/1/1953

Concert Preview, El Con, Music Department Is Presenting Rafael Mendez..., 5/16/1969

Concert Preview, , Rafael Mendez To Play In LP Spring Concert, 5/21/1969

Concert Preview, Minot (N.D.) Daily News, 7th Annual High School Band Festival in Minot Saturday, 5/26/1954

Concert Preview, Las Vegas Sun, Trumpet Trio, 6/8/1953

Concert Preview, Roster I Radio, Underhallning i Veckan, 7/23/1955

Concert Preview, Burbank News, Mendez Returns From Mexico To Be Starred in Concert Here, 7/8/1951

Concert Preview, Evansville Courier, Front Row Center, 8/16/1958

Concert Preview, Sacramento Bee, State Fair Daily Program, 8/29/1951

Concert Preview, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Kinsmen Band In Debut on Sept. 9, 8/29/1964

Concert Preview, Evansville Courier, Front Row Center, 8/5/1958

Concert Preview, Evansville Courier, Front Row Center, 8/5/1958

Concert Preview, Evansville Center, Grotto Greetings for Cowboy, 9/9/1958


Concert Reviews

Concert Reviews

Concert Review, , Orchestra Gives Spanish Music With Amazing Trumpet Virtuoso,

Concert Review, , Moose Band Sets Benefit Concert,

Concert Review, , Talent Runs in the Family,

Concert Review, , Mendez Appearance Stirs Trumpet Fans at the Russ,

Concert Review, Chicago Tribune, Trumpet Trio Plays at Band Clinic,

Concert Review, , Music Lovers Brave Rain to Hear Concert,

Concert Review, Lancaster, Overflow Audience Hears F-M Band, Rafael Mendez,

Concert Review, , Rafael Mendez Graba Un Album,

Concert Review, , Mendez's Playing Wins Ovation in 1st Concert,

Concert Review, , Mendez and Band Win Applause At Concert,

Concert Review, , Mendez Concert A Smash,

Concert Review, , From Day Of Yore---I Told You So, Again,

Concert Review, Saskatoon Star - Phoenix, 4 Standing Ovations For Mendez,

Concert Review, , Enthralled Music Lovers Hail High School Concert,

Concert Review, , Mendez In Tremendous Performance,

Concert Review, , Large Audience Hears Mendez, Sr. High Band,

Concert Review, , After NHHS Band Concert,

Concert Review, , Welcome Mr. Mendez,

Concert Review, Bakersfield Californian, Concert Season Opens on Gala Note,

Concert Review, , Mendez Given Ovation By Enchanted Throng,

Concert Review, , Mendez and Terror Band Make Hit With Audience,

Concert Review, , Trumpet Player Thrills Audience at C.V. High,

Concert Review, , High School Band, Mendez Are Excellent,

Concert Review, , Mendez Lauds Performance of Young Local Musicians,

Concert Review, , Chicago, Chi,

Concert Review, , Terror Musicians, Mendez, Carson Singers Make Concert,

Concert Review, , Light Music Bowl Fare,

Concert Review, , League Gives Party at Turf Club,

Concert Review, , Rafael Mendez Thrills Audience in Annual Band Finale,

Concert Review, , Most Famous Trumpeter Featured In Performance,

Concert Review, , More Treble and Bass Notes,

Concert Review, , Trumpeter Attracts Prom's Largest Crowd,

Concert Review, , Soloist Mendez and CSHS Band Offer Fine Concert,

Concert Review, , Trumpet Star Rafael Mendez Hears Crowd...,

Concert Review, , Trumpeter Rafael Mendez Reveals Incomparable Skill,

Concert Review, , Ability of Mendez Is Amazing to Audience,

Concert Review, , 'The Clown and the Baton' Open Carter Barron Season,

Concert Review, Chicago Tribune, Trumpet Trio Plays at Band Clinic,

Concert Review, Honolulu Advertiser, His Playing...Sent Them, 1/11/1963

Concert Review, Honolulu Advertiser, "Greatest" Trumpeter Thrills Youngsters, 1/13/1960

Concert Review, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Trumpeter and Symphony Present Outstanding Show, 1/15/1962

Concert Review, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Band In Fine Pitch; Mendez Dazzles Crowd, 1/16/1960

Concert Review, Waikiki Beach Press, Trumpet Virtuoso Adds Artistry to Concert With University, 1/18/1963

Concert Review, Saturday Star-Bulletin, Overflow Crowd Cheers Trumpet Player Mendez, 1/19/1963

Concert Review, Missoulian, Overflow Crowd Gives Mendez Standing Ovation, 1/24/1963

Concert Review, Commercial Appeal, MSC Symphonic Band's Debut Proves Spectacular Success, 1/31/1954

Concert Review, Prince Albert Daily Herald, Trumpet Virtuoso Wins Plaudits of Audience, 10/18/1962

Concert Review, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Kinsmen Band Honors Mendez, 10/19/1964

Concert Review, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, Rafael Mendez and No. 23 RCAF Wing, 10/22/1962

Concert Review, Edmonton Journal, Stoic Mendez Earns Ovation, 10/22/1964

Concert Review, Evening Herald-Express, Daily Diary, 10/25/1945

Concert Review, Bakersfield Californian, Crowd of 1772 Hears Trumpet Solos, Orchestra, 10/30/1950

Concert Review, Mirror News, Red Skelton, David Rose Take Over Ritz Stage, 10/31/1958

Concert Review, Los Angeles Herald & Express, Skelton, Rose Open at Ritz, 10/31/1958

Concert Review, Los Angeles Examiner, Red Skelton Pleases in "Clown, Baton" Revue, 10/31/1958

Concert Review, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, The Senor Blows His Horn, 11/7/1968

Concert Review, Rutherford Courier, Mendez Concert Thrills Mufreesboro Audience, 12/11/1953

Concert Review, , Rafael Mendez, 23 RCAF Wing Band, 12/4/1963

Concert Review, Regina Leader-Post, Mendez Was Magnificent, 12/7/1963

Concert Review, Vancouver Sun, Trumpeter, Band Give Thrilling Concert, 2/18/1958

Concert Review, , Band Accompanies Rafael Mendez, 2/19/1958

Concert Review, Vancouver Sun, Band Gives "Raw Youth" New Love, 2/22/1958

Concert Review, Herald-Republic, Trumpeter Plays With Davis Band, 2/24/1974

Concert Review, , Concert Review, 2/27/1956

Concert Review, Green Bay Press-Gazette, Everybody Has Reason To Be Proud at West High..., 2/4/1963

Concert Review, Arlington Day, Mendez A Smash Hit At Hersey, 2/9/1970

Concert Review, Campus Clipper, Mendez Hailed As "Greatest Guy", 3/10/1967

Concert Review, Palo Alto Times, Mendez star of Cubberley band benefit, 3/14/1969

Concert Review, International Musician, Captioned Photo, 3/2/1952

Concert Review, West Bend News, A Superb Display, 3/2/1967

Concert Review, Catamount, Mendez music mesmerizes many, 3/22/1974

Concert Review, Castro Valley Reporter, Artist and Family, 3/6/1958

Concert Review, Longmont, Colorado Daily Times-Call, Fun, Fast Concert Brings Spring Into Longmont Sky, 4/24/1974

Concert Review, Tacoma News Tribune, Mendez Performance On Trumpet Is Praised, 4/27/1957

Concert Review, , His Trumpet Blares, Purrs, 4/5/1961

Concert Review, Holcad, Mendez, Band Thrill Crowd, 5/15/1953

Concert Review, , Dig That Cool Gabriel!, 5/3/1953

Concert Review, Sunday Post-Tribune Panorama, Loves to Share Musical Wealth with Youngsters, 5/7/1967

Concert Review, Washington Daily News, The Perfect Clown..., 6/12/1959

Concert Review, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Solist Pa China Blev Trio, 6/22/1955

Concert Review, Helsingborgs Dagblad, Varldens basta trumpttrio ar samlad pa H55-China, 6/22/1955

Concert Review, Oregon Journal, Rogers "Show Magic" Enthralls 4000 Here, 7/11/1959

Concert Review, Nevada State Journal and Reno Evening Gazette, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans Topline Harrah's Reno Theatre, 7/13/1968

Concert Review, San Antonio News, Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Opening Stirs Memories, 8/13/1968

Concert Review, Light, Roy Rogers and Dale Still Going Strong, 8/13/1968

Concert Review, Los Angeles Times, Combination Concert, Variety Show Offered, 8/17/1949

Concert Review, Los Angeles Herald Express, Cugat Packs Bowl, 8/18/1947

Concert Review, Press-Telegram, Brilliant Soloists Gibson, Mendez Enthrall Listeners, 8/22/1962

Concert Review, Citizen-Journal, Thunderous Ovation Greets Red Skelton at State Fair, 8/25/1962

Concert Review, Evansville Courier, Rogers Shines Brightly In All-Star Performance, 9/10/1958

Concert Review, Los Angeles Examiner, Pops Concert Hugs Success, 9/15/1952

Concert Review, Reporter de San Diego, Rafael Mendez, 9/19/1952

Concert Review, Sacramento Bee, Trumpet Soloist is Sensation of Fair Concerts, 9/6/1951





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